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Ah Boys to men actor Ridhwan Azman admits to slapping his girlfriend - Well she deserved it.

TRS blog today was trying to get so much attention by capping their blog title – “AH BOYS TO MEN ACTOR RIDHWAN AZMAN ADMITS TO BEATING HIS GIRLFRIEND” to get the public attention. Well seems to sell when typical people start to shun on other’s mistake especially when its there to defend the women. However TRS blog is missing the big part of the whole story from Ridhwan too. It is too typical of our society to defend women so heavenly even they were holy cunts isn’t it? I mean seriously, women who doesn’t deserve to be respected has a women in my books should be given that slap to the face because she started so – period.

I mean come on, women nowadays is no longer the women decades or century ago where they have no voice to let, no place to shed. Women nowadays are given almost equally opportunity and that ‘almost’ equal opportunity is already spoiling most of them in many ways i can imagine – especially the younger generations. Yes i sound bias / sexist … whatever you want to call it, but go on and READ further why i say what i say …


So in Ridhwan’s case …

My hats off to any man who is daring enough to admit his mistakes and confess. Above all that, we as the witness and jury (if you people think you are one) should consider the reason and cause of action that resulted the whole incident. Ridhwan has blogged [Link Here] this particular incident to explain what had happened, confessed and explain the reason of why he did that. It was a long post, i first would like to highlight what could have provoke him into such action below …

ahboystomen ridhwan

That however does not mean that he has the right to hit a women. Though in this case i strongly felt that Luna / @LAphrodite [Link Here] (his gf) deserved it this time …

ahboystomen ridhwan - 001

That was not the only thing why i felt she deserved it. I mean seriously in relationship or in any mistakes / problems / situations, it takes two hands to clap. She just provoked him further by being with him yet embracing her ex-boyfriend as they come along. I felt sorry for Ridhwan but i seriously think no women is worth the sacrifice over your own goals else you live to regret it – that goes vice versa too in general.

ahboystomen ridhwan - 002

Oh well, i hope the break down of the whole story is well summarized of how i felt she deserved it though i think Ridhwan is still wrong to do what he did. This is typical relationship issues we see out there during even beyond Ridhwan’s or Luna’s age seriously. Nothing new, nothing of an old story, it is just daily life that has been happening to gazillion couples out there over the centuries.

So to those people who are over reacting and threatening the poor fellow, i suggest you should stop before the problem spiral to yourselves. You should be well aware that posing a threat to another individual is considered harassment and it is a crime. For what its worth, leave the couples to it.

ahboystomen ridhwan - 003

Oh to Ridhwan, the image below that was created by your GF in TRS blog looks really bad on you (screenshots below from TRS). I hope it is a learning lesson how a cunt women can be when they are up to get you and remind yourself to not drink to such stage – its a life’s long lesson really. To Luna, you act is tremendously childish, seeking the attention and you know you deserved it for treating someone that bad …

ahboystomen ridhwan - 004


P/S: Drama Over Already okay … let both of them settles their issue and hope accept / adapt to the right change. Good luck to both of them.

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